Whether you are getting ready to conceive, or are already pregnant, Dr. Hillman is prepared to advocate and support you though the most beautiful and life changing journey you will ever experience.  Our goal is to provide more than just a comfortable pregnancy (yes it's possible), we want you to enjoy this special time with reduced stress, restful sleep, and plenty of joy as you prepare for your new addition. Being apart of Lubbock's birth community, she can help connect you with other mama's or professionals that can provide added support. In just 9 months, the most complex system on this planet is formed without help from the outside world. Constantly changing from the moment of conception, a mother's body can be supported by gentle chiropractic adjustments to better integrate the experience of this magnificent process.

Dr. Hillman is one of the few chiropractors in Lubbock who is Webster Certified. Webster is a specialized prenatal training techinque, taught through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), that helps optimize a women's pelvis for a more comfortable pregnancy and better birth outcomes. She is also the only chiropractor in Lubbock to complete training through the ICPA and Epic Pediatrics. 

Post-partum care is often overlooked for new moms. After having your baby, your body spends the next several months tightening up those relaxed ligaments and getting your body to feel like it did before pregnancy. This is the perfect time to properly align your body through chiropractic care so that everything goes back into the proper position. Additionally, the lack of sleep, constant breast feeding and carrying of your child can really affect your body. Most women experience upper back pain and neck pain which can be remedied by regular post-partum adjustments. Help your body adapt to the new changes of motherhood through chiropractic care