Growing up these days can be tough, kids are enduring more physical, chemical, and emotional stress than ever before and it's coming at them faster and earlier than generations before them. In our office we see more and more that people live disconnected more and more- disconnected from each other, disconnected from themselves. Chiropractic care connects the brain and bodies of our kiddos to promote rest, relaxation, healing, growth, development + digestive, immune, and hormonal health! A connected child is can be raised understanding sense of self (physically, chemically, and emotionally). They have a greater grasp on the range of emotions we experience as humans. Connection is key, regardless of age, and anything that disrupts that connection from brain to body will take away our ability to thrive.

As the saying goes—it’s easier to grow healthy kids than fix broken adults. Dr. Hillman has been trained by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and has the specific knowledge it takes to help your kids live their best and healthiest life without nervous system interference.


What our parents say.

I was skeptical to believe that this would open doors for my child. However, the changes that others noticed in him couldn’t be denied. We have seen more progress in our son with chiropractic care, than with any other intervention. Sure the rough days still come, but they are getting fewer and farther between.
— Meghan W.

How does chiropractic help kids.

By addressing the stressors and resulting misalignment, a specific chiropractic adjustment restores proper balance and alignment to the neuro-spinal system thus restoring balance and function to the central nervous system. Depending on the severity and duration adaptive stressors have been present, more care is required to speed up the healing process and creating lasting positive change. These changes can lead to an improvement in behavior, digestion, immunity, learning, sleep, and more. The sooner we start, the better our chances of having success!

In cases of children with neurodevelopmental challenges, we generally have major challenges at the root of their issues: An overstressed nervous system that is stuck in protection mode right from the beginning of life, or even before.

The wonderful Dr. Bruce Lipton states, “You can’t be in growth and protection at the same time.” The nervous system cannot be on the stress/protection mode at the same time as its on the rest/digest or growth mode. A misalignment and stress to the upper neck and brainstem area “locks in” the nervous system to that stress mode. A specifically trained pediatric chiropractor is the best provider trained to find and locate, correct, and resolve it to get back on track to growth and development & healing!