Dr. Jenna is a mom first, and she relates to us and what we are going through. I was able to communicate with her comfortably and without any guilt. She listens to our concerns and understands really seems to think outside the box for strategies to help us manage the day to day. My daughter has had severe developmental milestone delays and after only 3 sessions, she is making significant progress that all our family, friends, and therapists notice.
— Samantha. Mother of Lexi

The spirit and expertise of this clinic means so much to me and my family. Without prenatal chiropractic care, my sciatic nerve pain was getting the best of me. The chiropractic care I received while pregnant made my dream of an unmedicated delivery possible. My boys love their adjustments as well!
— Elise K. Mother of 3

After a failed vaginal birth. I deeply hoped for VBAC attempt, though, and I was not willing to take any chances. I’d read that good chiropractic care during pregnancy could help with comfort and positioning (my first born was breech), so I gave it a shot. The difference was huge! I slept better, had more energy, and 8.8 lb. baby found her way into perfect position– no problem. I got my natural birth, and absolutely will have regular chiropractic care during my next pregnancy.

As a first time mother, I was unsure what to expect for myself, let alone for my newborn. Admittingly, I was a skeptic, but Dr. Jenna had a way of meeting our fears, addressing our questions, and giving hope. Healing from this delivery has been seamless. Outside of chiropractic care, she has helped with our nutritional needs and paired me with consultants to help with breastfeeding. I’ve seen my son blossom physically and developmentally through his care. I appreciate the way she nurtures our family
— Stephanie, staying healthy by choice

My 2 year old daughter has been receiving care from Dr. Jenna for three months now and I am amazed at the progress she has already made! She had been having back–to–back ear infections and on the recommendation of our nurse practitioner, we decided to give chiropractic care a chance. It didn’t happen over night, but now her ears are clear, and her immune system is doing its job; something that we haven’t seen. Their office is calm, enjoyable, and pleasant to walk into. The staff is extremely friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Jenna
— Kelly, Mother of Aubrey

Cancer. A word I never thought I would hear directed at me. Dr. Jenna held my hand in those early days, helped me navigate nutritional needs while I was under treatment, encouraged me, and supported me with both her nurturing heart and chiropractic care. She was apart of the team that allowed me to beat cancer.
— Jakcie. Busy Kicking cancer's tail

I wanted to take control of my health without depending on medication. My entire life, I have battled with digestive struggles. Today, I’m happy to report that I have significantly less digestive problems! I noticed a difference in only 5 weeks of receiving chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments are changing my life for the better and I can’t wait to see where my health is by the end of my care plan. My life is definitely better with chiropractic in it!
— Jessica, Digesting comfortably & living freely

As parents of 4 very busy ones, we feel like we are living where the wild things are. Dr. Jenna and her staff warmly and excitedly greet the chaos we know we bring. On top of that she has helped our family navigate everything from immune challenges, falls, spills, and sleep issues. We trust her opinion tremendously, and best of all our kids trust her too. We feel like we have a doctor that really cares about us as a family.
— The Lancaster Family, aka "Wild Things"